New Home For AbsoluteWrite Info

August 3, 2014

Forums Review has spun all the AbsoluteWrite stuff onto it’s own website. I had a pretty big role in outing Melodi Sherman aka “Macallister Stone” so I’m pretty happy this happened.

Check it out at Absolute Blight.

The Science Of The Solar System Mug

June 27, 2014

Two Months ago I started an online course, “The Science Of The Solar System”, taught by Mike Brown, aka “plutokiller“. Toward the end of the class one of the students made this mug. Pretty sweet!



On The Farm

June 16, 2014


Bradley Farm. Tilted look unintentional but cool.

In Which “MacAllister Stone” Takes The Bait

June 11, 2014

Last week I decided to put the idea that Mel Sherman and “MacAllister Stone” were the same person. Sure there is plenty of evidence but I thought some further proof would be nice.

I asked a friend to register at AbsoluteWrite, post some things the send Mel Sherman an email telling all the things we knew about her and MacAllister Stone. You can find Mel’s email address s\on her website.  We wanted to see what would happen. I’ll let Finley MacDonald take it from here.

The plan was to establish a connection between Mel and MacAllister so I registered at AbsoluteWrite as “finleymcgoo”. I registered from my blog owner’s house so my IP address would match their database. I wanted to make finding me easy.

I was accepted and began posting. I have some interest in sci-fi so I went to that forum and posted. The next day day I sent an email to Mel telling her I knew she was really MacAllister Stone and asking her if any of her friends actually knew her name. Pretty trollish. It was meant to get attention.

Hours passed and nothing happened. No replies, no bannings, nothing. I was beginning to think that everyone was wrong and that Mel had no connection to Mac. Then something funny happened. I asked someone on the fum a question but got no answer. I sent them a private message but got no response.

I moderate a forum so I am used to the trick moderators use. On a hunch I logged out and looked for my post. Nothing.  It was the oldest trick in the book! She didn’t ban me, she silenced me! Global ignore it was. Funny and also pretty petty. I emailed her telling her this but as of this writing (10:00 EST) I’m still not banned. 

So the theory was proved fact. Mel Sherman equals MacAllister Stone.

I still cannot believe Mel Sherman fell for such an obvious trick. Not only is she a liar and a raging hypocrite, she’s also petty and vindictive.

If you are trying to fool to people into thinking you are MacAllister Stone, you should be a little less obvious about it.


Now, For A break

June 9, 2014

I have posted a lot of negative stuff lately, so here have a cityscape:


Can you name the city?

From The Totally Tone Deaf

June 8, 2014

Melodi Sherman/”MacAllister Stone” tweeted this:


Note to Mel: No one hates you for that. They hate you because you are a lying hypocrite.

Final Thoughts On “MacAllister Stone”/Melodi Sherman

May 19, 2014

This now has it’s own page.

Now that a group has outed MacAllister Stone for the lying sockpuppet she is, here’s a rundown:

Melodi “Mel” Sherman is the woman behind AbsoluteWrite and quite a chain of websites and blogs. Here you can see the fictitious page she created for herself. If someone wants to be anonymous on the Internet, cool, but don’t do the following and expect people not to question you:

Run your business under a Doing Business As (dba) and not register it as so:



Now if you go to the AbsoluteWrite Forums you’ll see this under the FAQs:

Who Owns Absolute Write?

Absolute Write, Absolute Write Water Cooler and Coyote Wild Magazine are wholly owned by MacAllister Stone since November of 2006.

Technically, this is correct, but it also fails to mention that “MacAllister Stone” is a business entity, not a person. Her page and Twitter page say “MacAllister Stone” is a person. She has even registered at conventions as both her and Mel Sherman! This is at the minimum dishonest and sleazy.

Here is her business tax information:


I have circled some important things. First, the license is for Melodi S Sherman and MacAllister Stone is the business name yet Mel goes around passing herself off as MacAllister Stone! Also note her license expired on 12/31/2009 so in addition to being dishonest she is also running AbsoluteWrite without a valid business license.

Finally Mel Sherman’s farrier business is completely unlicensed as far as I can tell.

In short: Mel Sherman aka “MacAllister Stone” is being dishonest and misleading and deserves none of your trust (or business).

Arachnid, Thomas of Xuelition Book II is out!

April 30, 2014


Arachnid, Book Two of Thomas of Xuelition, is out! It’s got cool sword fights, a continent spanning quest and other fun stuff. Buy one! Buy a dozen!


Coming soon:Arachnid

March 31, 2014


Hey, did you know I have a book out? It’s got thieves and magic and lots of other cool stuff. It’s available in various formats and you can check it out here. It’s a mere $3!

Why do I tell you this? Because Real Soon Now ™ book two will be out. It’s called Arachnid and it’s awesome. More thieves! More magic! More cool stuff! A world destroying magic item! Betrayal, sword fights, oh my!

Beat the rush. Buy book one now!

A Teaser For Arachnid

March 8, 2014

Arachnid, Thomas of Xuelition Book Two, is coming! Here is a teaser of the cover, again by the amazing Greg Simanson.



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