Coming soon:Arachnid

March 31, 2014


Hey, did you know I have a book out? It’s got thieves and magic and lots of other cool stuff. It’s available in various formats and you can check it out here. It’s a mere $3!

Why do I tell you this? Because Real Soon Now ™ book two will be out. It’s called Arachnid and it’s awesome. More thieves! More magic! More cool stuff! A world destroying magic item! Betrayal, sword fights, oh my!

Beat the rush. Buy book one now!

A Teaser For Arachnid

March 8, 2014

Arachnid, Thomas of Xuelition Book Two, is coming! Here is a teaser of the cover, again by the amazing Greg Simanson.


Absolute Write Forums Becomes Absolute Ads

March 3, 2014

Seemingly overnight “Macllister Stone”/Melodi Sherman has doubled the amount of ads on the front page of Absolutewrite. You now have to scroll down a third of the page to see the actual forum!

ImageYes indeed. When not enough members give you money, this is what you get. A page full of ads.

The Power Of Being Human

February 17, 2014

Recently, I began communicating with someone I’ll call “Meg”. I have been following Meg’s Twitter feed for a while and only recently has she really begun to tweet about her life, about her life’s ups and down. I liked her page on Facebook soon after. Meg is somewhat infamous for working for a company that may not be on the 100% ethical side and everything I knew about Meg was colored by her association with said company.

As I read Meg’s tweets and read her Facebook page I was struck by how human she was. You read things and listen to rumors but to see the person as they go about their life, the ups and downs, the information she shared was, by turns joyous, heart breaking and wonderful. There is the person you read about, then there is the person you actually get a glimpse of.

It’s funny how life works. I never imagined I’d cross paths with Meg or write a blog post about her but Meg is human, a wonderfully complex human being. If we as humans stopped judging people by their masks but instead looked behind them and saw the full power of being human there, the world would be a better place.

I used to obsess about the company Meg works for, but no longer. I stopped years ago because I have better things to spend my energy on. Meg told me no one had any idea what her company was like on the inside and she is correct.  You know what? I don’t really care about her employer or her job anymore. Such things, as my father used to say, are above my pay grade.

Life is too short to judge people by the things you hear about them. Life is better when you don’t assume anything. Being human is hard. We all need to remember that.

“MacAllister Stone”/Meloldi Sherman Who’s Who

February 12, 2014

Here’s the latest developments in the continuing saga of “MacAllister Stone”.

Reminder, I have nothing against anyone using an online pseudonym, however “MacAllister Stone”/Meloldi Sherman has taken it to such extent she has committed perjury (by not giving her real name to a court) and fraud by not registering “MacAllister Stone” as a dba in Washington State. Worse, she routinely bans people from AbsoluteWrite for being “sock puppets” and lies about her own identity which makes her a hypocrite, liar and fair game to those of us working to expose her.

Thus, with this in mind, these are the people connected to “MacAllister Stone” and her continuing fraud.

Melodi S. Sherman

Melodi Sherman uses “MacAllister Stone” as her online pseudonym, as well as her business name. She did not register “MacAllister Stone” as Doing Business As (dba), in violation of Washington State regulations. She owns, whose business license expired in 2009 as well as Snohomish Farier/Pastures,which does not have a business license at all.

Finally Melodi Sherman listed her storage unit as her mailing address and did  not give her legal name to a court during a recent lawsuit, therefore committing perjury.

Lisa L. Spangenberg

Lisa is author of several books and acts as an administrator for AbsoluteWrite as well as a moderator. Lisa is a friend of Melodi’s and appears on pretty much any social network “MacAllister Stone” stone.

Interestingly enough, she was in Melodi Sherman’s circle on Google Plus until a few days ago when she vanished.

Others Who May (Or May Not) Be Connected

After Spangenberg vanished from Google Plus, another Lisa appeared, Lisa Sperling, with the same avatar, but otherwise she seems unconnected to either.

Patricia Peck owned BLM Lakeview Ranch, where Melodi was an assistant manager. It was the original registration address for AbsoluteWrite before Melodi switched it to her storage unit.

That’s all I have so far in those strange saga.

Through The Looking Glass

February 6, 2014

A couple of weeks ago notorious vanity press and author mill PublishAmerica changed it’s name to America Star Books. Same M.O. as PublishAmerica but now with translation services! Still a bottom feeder vanity press but now with a website that doesn’t look like it’s from 1999.

The comments in the story pretty much speak for themselves but a couple of trolls came by to spew Orwellian PublishAmerica speak:

First of all, do you know how many books are published each day, month, YEAR??? Thousands and thousands!!! The chance that an unknown author is going to write a best-seller,is slim to none! Instead of blaming PA or America Star Books for your lack of sales, look in the mirror! That’s where the blame should be. If you want to self-publish your book, feel free to do it. PA/AmericaStar Books does it for free. Do you honestly think that they make money, if your books don’t sell? Of course not! You’re all ridiculous!!!


Check your facts and read your contracts. All PA and America Star authors are given a deadline to submit their final manuscripts. FINAL! It is up to the author to read over their work and correct any errors that they see. PA and ASB never claimed that they will edit your books. If an author isn’t smart enough to read over their own work before submitting their final copy, then whose fault is that? Do unknown authors really think that their books are going to be the next best seller? Ridiculous! For all of you on here who want to bash this company, you’re just mad because you didn’t get everything for free. Would you run a business and give everything away for free? Of course not! Do you really expect them to publish your books for free AND go out and promote your book at a hundred venues? Your books aren’t any good, which is why they don’t sell. Just like any other business, this company has to make money too. The reason you don’t get paid royalties is because, no matter how you calculate it, 8% of $0 is still $0. Also, I looked up the court rulings about this company and only once did PA lose a case. All other cases were thrown out, because they had no basis!

Yes indeed.

The other matter is the continuing saga that is the fraud of Melodi Sherman, aka “Macallister Stone” who continues to flail and lash out. Note to Melodi Sherman/Macallister Stone: this is becoming pathetic. Read about it here and the original here.

She seems totally oblivious to one thing: she is committing perjury by not giving her real name on court comments and may be defrauding Washington State by not registering AbsoluteWrite as a dba of Melodi Sherman.

She can call her critics anything she wants but it doesn’t change what she is doing. Why doesn’t she admit who she is and get on with it? I just don’t get it.


Updates On AbsoluteWrite

January 29, 2014

Ever since news broke that Macallister Stone was just an alias for Melodi S. Sherman, strange things have been happening.

First, MacMelodi vanished from Twitter for two days.

Second, and most unusual, is that MacMelodi has been denying memberships for no reason. I suspect the reason is since her outing as a fraud, a liar and possible perjurer she’s afraid people will register just to troll her or spy on her. Not a unreasonable assumption, especially if you are a paranoid person, which MacMelodi seems to be.

My best advice is for anyone to stay AbsoluteWrite. After years of banning people for being liars, sockpuppets or frauds it’s sad that “Macallister Stone” has been lying, creating sockpuppets and committing fraud herself. Shelagh Watkins (Author of Mr. Planemaker’s Flying Machine) may be the most incompetent editor and publisher in the world and won’t disclose who funds but at least she doesn’t lie about her identity.

So Macallister Stone/Melodi Sherman if you are lower on the scumbag totem pole than Shelagh Watkins then I think it’s time to reflect upon what you are doing.

Coming Back

January 28, 2014

Well, the move to Blogspot didn’t work. It turned out to be a major hassle. It wasn’t as easy to use and it’s tools were lacking. I’m hppy to be back here.

Blogination Has Moved!!

September 2, 2013

Hey you!  Yes, you! Blogination has moved!


Socially Speaking

August 30, 2013

There are various ways for you to connect with me online. This will get it’s own page eventually.


Twitter, Heello and Twii: @zizban

(I don’t always post on all three and mostly not the same post on all three. One of these days I’ll decide on one).


I am on Google+, I have a fan page on Facebook.


Finally I am on Goodreads and (if you must) MySpace.


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